The Climate Change Resources Project includes:

and later:

  • notes on Carbon Offsets,
  • links to Carbon Calculator websites, so that you figure out where the bang per buck is to be effective about making a difference.

The Raja Ampat diving trip Project includes:

  • Species ID Flashcards
  • Indonesian language resources
  • Tips on scuba dive torches & photography
  • miscellaneous travel tips.

Other projects are in the pipeline.


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  • you warrant that your contribution is your own original work, unencumbered by obligation to anyone else, and by contributing it to you thereby irrevocably release it to the world as per the licensing arrangement for that page. The default licensing agreement that shall apply (unless otherwise specified as described below in this paragraph) is the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license with attribution satisfied by either: giving your username and "", or by giving a link to the relevant area on wikiSift may approve a different licensing arrangement if it is essential to the success of a project, but all such different licensing arrangements must appear in this WS List of non-standard licensing arrangements, and prominent links to the non-standard licence must appear on every page of the project.


The following explains's 'Copyrights' Ts&Cs:

  • wikiSift seeks contributions from diverse people that build upon each other's work. wikiSift uses CC licenses to ensure that contributors' work can be published on any non-comercial website or in any non-comercial publication without needing explicit permission from every contributor (which might be impossibly difficult to arrange). This fits easily with other websites using CC, e.g. all of Wikipedia and much of Flickr. These CC licences also mean that if wikiSift does not satisfy its users, then anyone can copy all its content (a.k.a. 'fork' it) to another website. Unnecessary forking is bad, because when data is scattered over the internet it is hard to authoritatively grow it and keep it up-to-date. wikiSift's CC-By-SA requires any copier to link back to, which should discourage unnecessary forking, and which encourages an internet in which it is possible to check the source of an assertion or summary.
  • To summarise what you need to do re wikiSift copyright:
    • Only contribute copied material that everyone can legally re-share to everyone. E.g. if you need special permission from the creator to copy a photo, then you cannot contribute it to wikiSift (unless you can persuade the creator to irrevocably release it generally, under a licence at least as permissive as CC-By-NC-SA).
    • If you can only legally copy material by also providing a link to the source & its licensing, then, duh, obey the law and provide that link (which also happens to be polite, and allows useful checking).
    • If you are copying public domain material, then provide a link to somewhere that gives details of how the material is public domain.
    • Understand that if you contribute work that you have created, then the effect of these Ts&Cs is that you are irrevocably sharing it with the world, as per the default licence for that page.
  • The default licence for wikiSift is CC-By-SA, but a different licence can be required if wikiSift's administrators agree that this would be essential for a project to succeed. E.g.:
    • a wikiSift project to write a play could require that the text of the play is CC-By-NC-SA, and that every contributor to that play agrees to irrevocably assign performance rights to the play's principal author (because unless the play's producers can guarantee that no-one will stage the play at the same time, it may be impossible to actually fund production of the play).
    • a wikiSift project to develop a paper for publication in a commercial journal could require that every contributed photo is licensed for Commercial use - e.g. CC-By-SA is fine, CC-By-NC-SA is not.