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I have some other plans for this website, which are described below, but for now it is the most convenient way of me to share the urgent work we need to get done re Climate change. I will reactivate it as a wiki in about 3 weeks, but first have to better guard it against spammers.

A lot of the material also appears on wikiSift's facebook page.

- John Brady,
July 2020,
Sydney, Australia

I have some ideas I want to test out re species second-order selection etc, which will require sharing feedback across diverse disciplines. I have been building wikiSift.org with the aim of collaboratively sifting speculation into testable science.

Meanwhile we are going on holidays on a diving trip, and we are supposed to accurately survey fish populations in the face of climate change and habitat disruption. To help volunteers do an accurate job, I have developed Anki flashcards to help learn fish species identification, and the flashcards' source spreadsheet that greatly eases organising and updating the photos.
I have also revised my Indonesian with ~800 Indonesian words I find useful,
made notes on Dive Torches, underwater photography, etc,
and added some tips on health and rats.

You are welcome to comment on and improve wikiSift's contents - that is why it is a wiki. (Spammers please note that wikiSift is set up with rel nofollow.)

I hope you enjoy wikiSift.org as much as I have enjoyed setting it up.

- John Brady,
September 2018,
Sydney, Australia

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