Any good song needs to leave a lot of verses on the editing floor, and here are some of them - they might have useful ideas for further songs, or extended mix versions...

more 'I Met a Man who had a Hole' verses

These verses could be added after the line "don't be so mad!" if folk want 8 verses instead of 6.

We know that gas
is much too dear.
Its real cost grows
year after year.

We'll get our power
from wind and sun.
It's getting cheap.
It's much more fun.

more Climate Marching Verses

Note that these are more Phase 1 negative than Phase 2 positive, which is a good reason for leaving them out.

Denier is contrarian
Maybe still thinks smoking's good;
thinks that we've misunderstood.
Old tobacco
suppliers -
Old fuel
suppliers -

Denier wants a synonym
For someone who thinks like him
"Skeptic" isn't adequate
for that type of advocate:
of facts"
means blind
as cataracts.  

Denier wants another word
for someone who thinks like her
"Doubter" isn't adequate
for that type of advocate:
"DOUBT the
earth's round"
is quite
It's round,
not flat -
stop this
chit chat.

Abbott opened up his trap:
said "Climate science is full of crap"
but we kicked his backside to
reTirement home on Tuvalu
Now he's
give him
a snorkel.

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